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Saturday, 07 October 2017 06:28

Relationships – they are all important and yet the most important relationship  we have is with ourselves.  Do we honour and respect ourselves?  For without that self respect all kinds of anomalies happen.  Addictions – trying to escape ourselves and the situations we have created around us.  Self hate – manifesting in limiting and destructive thoughts and actions.

So it begins with the self.  Who are we really and what is our potential?  Why have we chosen our life path?  What have we learned from the circumstances we have encountered?  What is the best direction for us to take in the future? 

Relationships with others are the natural flow on from relationship with ourselves.  If we honour ourselves then we will honour others – for at a deeper level we are all connected – we are all one.  You cannot hurt others without hurting yourself.  By loving and accepting others we in turn love and accept all aspects of ourselves. 

None of us has all the answers.  None of us has all the questions.  Together we can explore our shared realities and co-create a future that enriches everyone’s lives.



Focus determines our fate PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 May 2017 10:41

Focus – that is what determines our fate.  We have control over that.  There are always choices we can make.  We can always choose to light the candle or curse the darkness.  By lighting the candle we conquer the darkness.  We bring light to all those souls who have lost their way.  All souls are connected to us – they are part of the whole.  As we do unto another we do unto us.  Tread gently through life and share your light.  The mild shall inherit the earth.    FRKS

Time to Remember PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 February 2017 15:27

It is time to remember.  Remember who we really are and what we are here to accomplish.  For each of us in our own unique way are here to realise who we really are in our totality.  That realisation will enable this wonderful planet of ours to lift its vibration to another octave, thus allowing mankind to create heaven on earth, a world of shared abundance, filled with love and caring. 

Some of us have chosen a stony path, which through trials and challenges has shaped our earthly perception of life to one of want and hardship.  Some of us have chosen a materialist path focussing on acquiring wealth and power, which has tended to dwarf our emotional links.  Some of us have chosen a life focussed on strengthening relationships and mutual assistance, but have perhaps neglected our material needs.  Each path enables us to learn and grow in different ways – none is inherently better than the other.  All involve options and choices that we have made -  all are part of an illusory world that we have created for the growth opportunities presented.

What we make we can unmake.  We can co-create a world of shared abundance, filled with love and caring.   We simply just have to be our true spiritual selves, be the loving, caring and sharing spirit that is our core, filled with trust in the universe. Our world will then reflect who we really are.  Once we allow ourselves to be imbued with love, then all things will be added.  It is time.  FRKS

Angels Together PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 December 2016 05:52

Life goes round in circles - but still there is progress.  It is actually a spiral where each revolution teaches us more - more about relationships, ourselves, thoughts, emotions, will, love and mastery.  There is a process and it is designed to help us evolve.  We are in it together - each of us angels with one wing.  Supporting one another - together we can fly.  FRKS

Guided Meditation PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 27 August 2016 11:45

By far the most effective way to help people discover their purpose in life and connect to their higher selves is the use of guided meditation techniques.  Once we learn how to connect for ourselves, then it is much easier to maintain the links to our superconscious self and our spiritual guides.  By using powerful healing connections to our guides and angelic beings, we can optimise our personal health and greatly assist others in their journey to self healing, balance and development.



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