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Empower-U   CD6    Self Hypnosis for Stress Free Birthing


This CD teaches you simple to learn, but powerful self hypnosis techniques for creating a stress free pregnancy and birth.  Affirmations combined with self-hypnosis have been shown to be 25 times as powerful as using affirmations on their own.   The tracks are set to the beautiful meditation music of Jeff Clarkson (Jeffree) a New Zealand musician who has been creating relaxation and healing music for over 20 years.  The various tracks are designed to allow you to easily use self hypnosis to release and manage stress, create and maintain a healthy body, communicate with your unborn child, use relaxation and pain management techniques during your birth, as well as to connect to your inner wisdom at any point in your pregnancy and birthing process.  

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The various tracks are:

Track 1 Self Hypnosis  (music Transformation)

Learn simple to use self hypnosis techniques and create anchors for quickly entering into deep self hypnosis / meditative states for relaxation, stress release and sleep induction.

Track 2 Creating Your Sanctuary & Connecting with the Wise Mind  (music Birdsong)

Create your own inner sanctuary of peace and tranquility and learn to connect with your inner Wise Mind to answer questions and resolve issues.

Track 3 Balancing Your Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies  (music Enchanted Forest)

Discover the changes and actions you need to achieve balance in yourself and your life.

Track 4 Communicating with Your Unborn Child  (music Interlude)

Learn to connect with your unborn child so that you are aware of their needs and you can communicate how you feel about their joining your family.

Track 5 Creating a Stressfree and Painfree Delivery  (music Rainbow Rhapsody)

Learn simple relaxation and pain management techniques which will enable you to have a stressfree and painfree delivery.


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