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Author: Terry Keillor 

This book explores some of the alternative views of just who we really are and how we can accelerate our personal development. At the level of the individual this can only lead to greater peace and joy. At the level of the planet it may lead to the salvation of our species.

As every thinking person on this planet is inwardly aware, humankind is poised at a key decision point in our developmental history.

On one hand we have the religion of science and technology which purports to be the way and the truth for humankind.  Promising a future of materialistic abundance, a future that is in fact a Pandora’s box of both positive and negative manifestations.  On the other hand we have a resurgence of fundamentalist extremism which is attempting to drag us back into the dark ages of superstition and ignorance.

While modern allopathic medicine has provided a raft of drugs and surgical procedures which are very effective at resolving acute medical disorders – we have lost touch with the fundamental causative factors that create both the acute and longer term health problems of our society.   The health industry has become the most lucrative industry on earth and because of this, the focus has become wealth not health.

Our sophisticated technology has enabled us to travel to the moon and nearby planets, but has not been able to provide enough food, clothing and shelter for a large percentage of earth’s peoples.  Not only has our technology not been able to avoid the extinction of a diverse range of species, it has contributed greatly to their demise.  We speak of technology as though it had a genius of its own and perhaps it does, but does it have a conscience?

And what of our spiritual truths?  We have for centuries been fighting over the interpretations of dreams, visions and words of great spiritual leaders as recorded by individuals incarnate over 1500 years in the past.  Whether we speak of Buddha, Christ, Mohammed or others – each of their messages contained great truths – but all of the written messages were constrained by the understanding of poorly educated, technologically illiterate, psychologically unsophisticated people of their times.  It would not have done any good for these spiritual masters to have spoken of other world civilisations let alone galactic civilisations.  Humankind was still in nursery school.  Even for Christ to have spoken of turning the other cheek and seeking non-violent means of dispute resolution was beyond the understanding of the majority of people living in his time of ministry.

Are we still so primitive that this message is still too profound for us?  Treat others as you would be treated – is it so difficult to understand?  As you sew so shall you reap – such as simple message.

So the time has come – the chickens are coming home to roost.  Everyone knows this in their innermost being.  The being that gives you a gut feeling that tells you when things are right and when they’re not.  The being that raises the hair on the back of your neck and says listen this is important.  The time has come.

Most importantly - this book is about what you can do – for yourselves, for your family, for humankind, for mother Gaia.  After all it is only your salvation at stake and the days are numbered.  Graduation day is coming and it’s your choice which kind of world you want to graduate to – you just have to earn the credits.


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