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Stress Management Using Hypnosis, NLP & EFT Techniques



What is stress?

Stress is simply a fact of nature -- forces from the inside or outside world affecting the individual. The individual responds to stress in ways that affect the individual as well as their environment. Because of the overabundance of stress in our modern lives, we usually think of stress as a negative experience, but from a biological point of view, stress can be a neutral, negative, or positive experience.

In general, stress is related to both external and internal factors. External factors include the physical environment, including your job, your relationships with others, your home, and all the situations, challenges, difficulties, and expectations you're confronted with on a daily basis. Internal factors determine your body's ability to respond to, and deal with, the external stress-inducing factors. Internal factors which influence your ability to handle stress include your nutritional status, overall health and fitness levels, emotional well-being, and the amount of sleep.      Source: http://www.medicinenet.com/stress/article.htm

Benefits of Using Hypnosis and NLP for Stress Management

  • Quickly identify the factors that are creating excess stress in your life
  • Create immediate changes to the way you react to stress factors 
  •  Provide self empowering tools for you to deal with stress factors
    Learn simple to use self hypnosis and nlp techniques to use for all aspects of your lives
  •  Determine life direction - enabling you to connect with your inner plan for life
    Connect with the inner ‘wise mind’ for self guidance at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  •  Drug free and Low cost  

Benefits of Using Self Hypnosis & NLP Techniques

  •  Dramatically reduced stress through self hypnosis relaxation and meditation techniques 
  •  Help with depression and anxiety - improving your emotional health 
  •  More restful sleep 
  •  Increased focus, concentration and learning ability 
  •  Enhanced memory 
  •  Simple to learn and use 
  •  Very quick to reach relaxed state & achieve benefits 
  •  Can easily combine with powerful imagery techniques 
  •  Can be used to easily release other unwanted habits or behavioural patterns 
    (such as poor eating habits or fears)
  • Can be used to easily program in changed behavioural attitudes
    (such as increased confidence,  feelings of self worth, focus)
  • 25 times as effective as simple affirmations                                            


The Stress Management Program

  • 1 x 75 minute session (first session)
  • 1 or 2 follow up 60 minute sessions (1 week apart)

Session 1 (75 minutes)

  • Review how we use hypnosis, nlp and eft to achieve benefits
  • Review your past and current life issues
  • Release subconscious programs that are not serving you well
  • Implement subconscious programs that support you
  • Review use of self hypnosis stress management cd/mp3 recording

Session 2 (60 minutes)

  • Review experience using self hypnosis for stress management
  • Review any other related issues
  • Connect with the ‘wise mind’
  • Connect with inner life plan
  • Reinforce subconscious programs for relaxation, stress management, self confidence

Session 3 (60 minutes) (optional)

  • Review experience using self hypnosis for stress management
  • Review any other related issues
  • Use future projection to determine goal directed actions to undertake now

Program Cost

  • $65 per session plus $15 for the Smoking Cessation CD
  • $180 package cost for 3 sessions plus CD

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Note: group Stress Buster workshops can also be arranged for teaching self hypnosis, nlp and eft