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Conversations with Armesis - an extra terrestrial guide   (as featured on 20/20 TV)


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An extra terrestial's guide to the development of mankind and 5th dimensional consciousness  

Author: Terry Keillor 

Specific topics discussed in these conversations cover:   

  1. The program of genetic manipulation of human dna towards ever greater consciousness
  2. Creation of hybrid races for habitation on planet earth
  3. Secret development of reverse engineered ET technology by human agencies
  4. Long term manipulation of economic and political systems by elitist groups
  5. The imminent possibility of 5th dimensional consciousness for humankind on planet earth and throughout the galaxy and how to prepare yourself

Be warned - you may never look at the world the same way again. You will discover that there is a greater plan and you are in the center of it.


Click on Conversations with Armesis Sampler  to view the introduction and first chapter

Click on 2020 TV to view a filmed session of a hypnotic regression and linkage with John and Armesis
(the transcript of this session is included in the book)

Click on Vinney Eastwood Show to view an interview with the John and the author Terry Keillor


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