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Empower-U   CD8    Past Present Future Life Exploration


This CD guides you through simple, but powerful self hypnosis techniques for exploring and understanding your previous incarnations or lives, current life planning, current life experiences and future life progressions.  The tracks are set to the beautiful meditation music of Jeff Clarkson (Jeffree) a New Zealand musician who has been creating relaxation and healing music for over 20 years.  The various tracks are designed to allow you to easily use self hypnosis to connect to your higher self and spiritual guides and then explore who you are in totality.  Learn why you have chosen your particular pathway and experiences.   At the same time you can release unwanted patterns or programs that no longer serve you well.  Discover powerful positive changes that you can personally make to help you to become a more caring, loving, capable and successful individual.

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The various tracks are:

Track 1 Creating a Sanctuary & Meeting Spiritual Guides (music Birdsong)   

Open your energy centres (chakras) and create your own inner sanctuary of peace and tranquility.  Learn to connect with your spirit guides and higher consciousness or self.

Track 2 Past Life Review  (music Interlude)

Progress through a previous lifetime, starting from childhood and progressing through this life to the post life review.  Understand the lessons learned and relevance to your current life experience in terms of relationships, events and circumstances.

Track 3 Present Life Planning  (music Rainbow Forest)

Review your pre life planning process.  Understand why you chose your parents and other key relationships.  Discover the main purposes of your current life experience.

Track 4 Present Life Review  (music Enchanted Forest)

Review key events in your present life incarnation to gain understanding why you chose to go through this particular experience.  Release associated emotional influences and subconscious programs that do not serve you well and observe the effects of this release.

Track 5 Future Life Progression  (music Rainbow Rhapsody)

Progress to a specific time in your future and review probable life circumstances based on your current patterns of thinking, feeling, doing and being.  Identify actions or changes that you can make to create better and more positive outcomes for yourself and those surrounding you.


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