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Weight Management and the Power of Hypnosis, NLP & EFT

It is an interesting fact that animals in the wild do not suffer from overweight issues and yet those in domestic situations will often mirror the difficulties of their owners.   Our ancestors also did not suffer the same difficulties that our society has with weight management – with obesity issues now becoming epidemic. 

When we look at some of the environmental factors relating to these changes they include:

  1. Increase in consumption of pre prepared and processed foods, along with the attendant high sugars, salts and fats
  2. More sedentary life style – less daily exercise
  3. Higher stress environment and related use of alcohol and ‘comfort’ foods as means to emotionally compensate

Almost everyone with weight management issues will have tried to use ‘will power’ at some point to limit consumption of food, exercise more and restrict the types of food they eat.  While this may have resulted in short term benefits, they soon become exhausted with the struggle and find that their weight yoyos back.  Sometimes they even end up gaining more weight than when they started which is tremendously discouraging.

Given these ‘environmental’ factors, how can hypnotherapy assist you with your weight management?  Firstly it is important to realise that the ‘struggle’ to manage weight is really a contest between your conscious mind, which you use to set the goal you want to achieve, and the subconscious ‘programs’ which are often working in direct opposition.

If we were to look at what some unhelpful subconscious programs may look like they could include:

  • this diet is starving me – I had better store more food in my body and slow down my metabolism
  • I’m thinking about food all the time – must be time to eat
  • I’m thinking about all the wrong foods I can’t have and the craving is awful
  • this food is so good – even though I feel pretty full, I’ll just have another helping
  • I hate the food on this diet – it is so bland and restricted
  • this exercise is hard work and painful - I hate exercise
  • I’m feeling stressed out – how about some comfort food to take my mind off the issues
  • I actually don’t feel too good about myself right now – let’s have some more comfort food

And the discouraging truth with the above scenario is that ultimately the subconscious mind will always ‘win’ in a battle with the conscious mind.

So how do we ‘win’ the battle of the bulge?  It is really quite simple – you need to change the subconscious programmes that are sabotaging your efforts to manage your weight and fitness.


Imagine if your ‘new’ subconscious programs were:

  • this diet is wonderful – it is taking me to my ideal weight for a healthy body
  • I adjust the body’s metabolism to maintain my ideal weight
  • I eat the right foods to balance my energy needs and maintain a healthy and fit body
  • I eat just the right amount of food to supply my needs and I know when I’ve had enough
  • the food that I eat is so nutritious and life enhancing – I feel full of energy
  • this exercise is wonderful – I can feel the endorphins being released and how my body is toning
  • I’m feeling stressed out – better take some time to meditate, relax and let the tension go
  • I actually don’t feel too good about myself right now – time to change myself to a more powerful and supportive mindstate

Using the power of hypnosis, nlp (neuro linguistic programming) and eft (emotional freedom technique) you can easily change subconscious programs to work for you – instead of against you. 


Our Program for Weight Management

Firstly our program uses a ‘holistic’ approach – the goal is to achieve balance in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.  When we achieve balance in these three aspects of our being then weight management ceases to be a problem.  The stages we take in this journey together include:

Survey of historic and current life state

This is a brief survey of your historic and current environment including your home and work environment and social interactions.  Most importantly we explore how you feel about yourself and your social inter-relationships and how that relates to food intake and exercise.  During this review we interactively use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to help you move towards more positive mind states and interactions that are going to help you achieve the goals that you want.

Determining your specific goals

Critical to the success of any significant change is the need to determine specific achievable goals that you wish to achieve.  It is these goals that the subconscious will lock into to take you where you want to go.

Utilising techniques for helping you achieve your goals

We employ various techniques for:

  • releasing and letting go of past emotional issues and related subconscious programs that are holding you back from reaching the goals you want to achieve
  • introducing new subconscious programs that will empower you towards achieving your goals.

These techniques may include a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). 

Some of the hypnotherapy techniques may include:

  • Learning self hypnosis techniques and creating anchors to achieve instant relaxation in any circumstance.
  • Releasing subconscious programs that have chained you into a cycle of poor eating habits related to the occurrence of emotional issues in your life.
  • Creating powerful subconscious programs to automatically guide you into creating a healthy and fit body.  Learning to connect with your body's real needs and adjust your metabolism to maintain your perfect weight.
  • Using future progressions to experience the cumulative effects of poor eating and exercise habits.  Creating strong conditioning programs to help you move from poor habits to healthful ones.
  • Creating a 'virtual' gastric band which subconsciously acts to restrict the intake of 'poor' foods while enabling the intake of 'good' foods.    (click on Womans Day - Imaginary Surgery Lose 25kg

We teach you how to employ these simple but powerful techniques yourselves and also supply a weight management self hypnosis cd so that you can easily reinforce and refresh these powerful subconscious programs on a continuing basis.