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CD3 Self Hypnosis for Weight Management

These MP3 tracks and CD teach you simple to learn, but powerful self hypnosis techniques for relaxation and weight management.  Affirmations combined with self-hypnosis have been shown to be 25 times as powerful as using affirmations on their own.   The tracks are set to the beautiful meditation music of Jeff Clarkson (Jeffree) a New Zealand musician who has been creating relaxation and healing music for over 20 years.  The various tracks are designed to allow you to easily use self hypnosis to create and maintain the body you want. Note: each 12-15 minute track has a complete relaxation script included.

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Track 1 Self Hypnosis for Relaxation and Stress Release  (music Transformation)

Learning simple self hypnosis techniques and creating anchors to achieve instant relaxation in any circumstances.


Track 2 Controlling Emotional Eating (music Rainbow Forest)

Release subconscious programs that have chained you into a cycle of poor eating habits related to the occurance of emotional issues in your life.


Track 3 Subconscious Slimming  (music Rainbow Rhapsody)

Create powerful subconscious programs to automatically guide you into creating a healthy and fit body.  Learn to connect with your body's real needs and adjust your metabolism to maintain your perfect weight.


Track 4 Becoming Lean and Healthy (music Dancing with Angels)

Using future progressions experience the cumulative effects of poor eating and exercise habits.  Create strong conditioning programs to help you move from poor habits to healthful ones.


Track 5 Creating Your Subconscious Gastric Band  (music Interlude)

Create a 'virtual' gastric band which subconsciously acts to restrict the intake of 'poor' foods while enabling the intake of 'good' foods.


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