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Client Centred Therapy and Development

What is our approach?       

Our primary approach is to teach you how to connect with these deeper aspects of mind.  Then we use the power of your subconscious and superconscious mind to show you how hidden programs may be negatively influencing you.  Again using the power or your deeper levels of mind, we help you to re program these influences into ways that best support you. 

In other cases you may be ignoring beneficial messages from these deeper layers of mind to your detriment.  These may surface in the form of recurring dreams or even nightmares.  By focussing on the content of these beneficial ‘subconscious’ messages you can gain important insight and achieve lasting positive benefits.

The bottom line is that we use the inner powers that you already possess and provide you with the tools you need to program yourself for success in life.

What does it involve?       

Individual Sessions       

While these will depend upon your individual circumstances – we always recommend a minimum of two sessions.  The first session involves exploring particular issues or goals that you want to focus on to find out the factors that are limiting your success.  We then focus on releasing these self-limiting programs and introducing self-empowering programs.  Methodologies employed usually include both Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. 

Clients universally find these sessions help them to better understand the subconscious drivers that are affecting their lives.  Together we actively use the power of your subconscious and super-conscious minds to ‘reprogram’ yourself for the success that you want to achieve – no matter what the area or goal.

At all times clients are fully aware of the techniques employed and perform an active role in each session.  Forget what you have learned about ‘stage hypnosis’ – our approach uses entirely client-centred techniques.

The first followup session is used to reinforce the work done in the first session and teach you self-hypnosis, nlp and meditation / relaxation techniques.  You will find that you can easily employ these mind tools to strengthen your self-empowerment and help align the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious aspects of your mind.   Our primary goal is always to move you to a position of optimum self-empowerment as rapidly as possible.

Other followup sessions depend on the requirements of the client and are scheduled on an as needed basis.  Most clients find 2 or 3 sessions are quite adequate to address the specific issues or goals they initially wanted to focus on.   With the power of self-hypnosis and NLP you are able to move forward – taking full charge of self directing your lives in all aspects.   Depending upon circumstances, at some later stage clients may  book a refresher session or wish to explore other aspects of their lives.

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Group Sessions and Workshops       

Group sessions can be a very cost-effective way of helping people to explore the levels of their consciousness and/or personal issues in a supportive environment.  In these settings we use the supportive power of the subconscious and superconscious mind to assist you to:


·         obtain new understanding of personal issues

·         release unwanted self-limiting and/or addictive habits and programs

·         introduce new self-empowering subconscious programs

·         learn powerful self-hypnosisNLP and emotional freedtom techniques

·        learn meditation and stress management techniques


Group sessions can be arranged by appointment at client premises. 

We also provide presentations and workshops individually tailored to an organisation or groups requirements.

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