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Accelerate your self development and personal growth with Empower-U products!


At Empower-U we are continually creating affordable new products to enhance the process of self development for our clients.  Please click on the products of interest to find out more details.


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  • Ascenscion Consciousness - discovering your magnificence

    Now Available in EBook and Paperback - Terry Keillor's latest book which was shortlisted for the NZ Ashton Wylie 2013 book awards! 
      Click on NZ Ashton Wylie Shortlist to view shortlist details.

    Do we wish to progress to a new world order built upon the premise of cooperation, compassion, love and understanding for ourselves, fellow creatures and eco-systems? 
    Or do we want to remain with the old world order based on competitive self-focused interests, with limited concern for the consequences of our thoughts and actions?

    It is our individual choice, but the time for choosing is growing close. In fact you are making your choice day by day with your thoughts and deeds. However it is not how you thought or acted yesterday, but how you think and act now that matters. These you can change in an instant, but not without effort.

    This book is dedicated to providing useful information about this new world view (which really is quite ancient) . This world view has been labeled ascension consciousness in this book, because it is aligned with the prophesied ascension of consciousness of mother Gaia.  
  • Apocalypse or Eden? - it is your choice

    As every thinking person on this planet is inwardly aware, humankind is poised at a key decision point in our developmental history.  It is important to make the right choices for ourselves and our planet.

    This book explores alternative views of who we really are and how we can bring ourselves to balance and health, as well as accelerating our personal development. At the level of the individual this can only lead to greater peace and joy. At the level of the planet it may lead to the salvation of our species.
  • Conversations with Armesis - an extra terrestrial guide

    An extra terrestrial's guide to the development of mankind.  Specific topics discussed in these conversations cover:
    1. The program of genetic manipulation of human dna towards ever greater consciousness
    2. Creation of hybrid races for habitation on planet earth
    3. Secret development of reverse engineered ET technology by human agencies
    4. Long term manipulation of economic and political systems by elitist groups
    5. The imminent possibility of 5th dimensional consciousness for humankind on planet earth and throughout the galaxy and how to prepare yourself

    Be warned - you may never look at the world the same way again. You will discover that there is a greater plan and you are in the center of it.