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Ascension Consciousness - discover your magnificence


Now Available in EBook and Paperback - Terry Keillor's latest book which was shortlisted for the NZ Ashton Wylie 2013 book awards!    Click on NZ Ashton Wylie Shortlist to view shortlist details.


At some level we are all aware that the existing world order is not sustainable. As we observe our society we have: 
• Increasing pollution and despoiling of our planet 
• Wider separation between the ‘haves’ and the ‘havenots’ 
• Greater isolation of the individual from their surrounding society 
• People becoming increasingly fear driven  
• Greater and greater limitation of individual freedom 
From our individual perspectives it is vital for us to become aware that mankind is at a crossroads and that each of us has to decide which path to take forward.  
Do we wish to progress to a new world order built upon the premise of cooperation, compassion, love and understanding for ourselves, fellow creatures and eco-systems.  
Or do we want to remain with the old world order based on competitive self-focused interests, with limited concern for the consequences of our thoughts and actions?

It is our individual choice, but the time for choosing is growing close. In fact you are making your choice day by day with your thoughts and deeds. However it is not how you thought or acted yesterday, but how you think and act now that matters. These you can change in an instant, but not without effort.

This book is dedicated to providing useful information about this new world view (which really is quite ancient) . This world view has been labeled ascension consciousness in this book, because it is aligned with the prophesied ascension of consciousness of mother Gaia.  
I personally believe that there are pathways forward for all of us, but a fork in the path lies ahead (and not very far ahead). It is up to you to choose which path you take.


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Size: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)  Black & White on White paper   126 pages
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